How to Write an Outstanding Blog Post?

Hello Guys!

Well, today I am here to provide some knowledge on writing a killing blog post on your website or for a client.

If you are a beginner, you might be worrying about giving the best. Don’t worry, everything sets on a lane when you learn the tips involved in giving the best.

Before we discuss key points to Write and Outstanding Blog Post, let me take a confirmation from your end. Don’t ever use any kind of Plagiarism or Grammarly tools while writing the content. Using these tools will never reveal the real way of your writing. Never get disturbed by unnecessary mistakes that these tools display and miss your writing flow. You are ready to use them when you are done with writing the whole content.


I always say my writers to focus on RESEARCH before writing anything. Because, unless you learn, you will not be able to teach others. Right?. Though you know all the data about the topic, fresh research can give you new points to add to the content you pen.

Thorough research will let you know about the latest updates of the topic. It can also picture you the new way of writing by co-writer and help you in building new ways of presenting.

SEO friendly Content

Sometimes, even if you give the best content, it may not get required or expected traffic. It is because you are lagging in providing SEO friendly content. Few aspects like Keyword, Keyword Density, Focus Keyword, SEO Title, Meta Description, Meta Tags, Alt Description, Images optimization, etc. plays a major role.


Create your own format or follow the instructions given by your client. Unless you have a format, the content you write will be of no use. To make it simple and easy to read, follow the below format.

  • Introduction( Include Pain points)
  • What?
  • Why?
  • Solution
  • Conclusion
  • Call To Action(CTA)

Based on the type of topic you choose, the format changes. Make sure you provide an apt format for the content you are going to pen.

Heading and Subheadings

To start writing, you need a compelling heading and subheadings to break down the content into simple forms. Adding catchy headings will grab the attention of the user to go through the information published by you. Subheadings will help a viewer to jump to the required section and go through it.

Any viewer will like to spend time reading your post when you provide required subheadings matching the discussion. So pick the ideal heading and subheading to grasp the zest of readers.

Paragraph Division

When I am new to writing, I used to write long content nearly 300+ words in a single paragraph. My client did not accept the content and he suggested me to know how to write a good blog post. Then I came to know that long paragraphs will never give fruitful result.

Yes! Never write content too lengthy. It is much important for a writer to break the content into a various paragraphs for easy reading. No reader will like to read a long paragraph because they need to concentrate on other works.

Add Image

You know what reaches the reader mind faster? Yes, a pictorial representation. Images play a major role in delivering the concept into the reader mind when compared to words. I ask my writers to write content with the help of images so that it will be easy to understand.

Also, a featured image is what any blog post need so get the suitable one. Adding a featured image will set the post into trend and helps audience to find the content they are looking for.

FAQs Section

Adding FAQs in blog posts has become the best way to rank content on Google. It can directly provide question and answers with the blog post and clears the queries that a reader has.

Add at least 3 to 5 FAQs related to topic and make sure they are trending. This will help the blog post stand in the list of most viewed ones when compared to others.

Conclude Short and Sweet

Never and ever forget to conclude your topic because this is the place where you can grab the audience interest in reading your posts. For more interesting posts like these, ask them to comment or share your content using CTA tools.

Proofread and Edit

Don’t ever write and directly submit the post to a client or publish it. Because you will never know the mistakes unless you read it by stepping into audience shoes. Read the whole article when you are done with writing and make sure if everything is on the expected lane.

If you find any unnecessary content or repeated information, do EDIT it. Proofread again and again till you don’t find any mistakes in the points that you have jotted down.

Final Verdict

Hope you got an idea to write simple and outstanding blog posts from the above discussion. Follow me on LinkedIn for more tips related to Content writing.

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